Cybercrime Awareness: Development and Evaluation of an Adventure Game


  • Aznoora Osman Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perlis Branch, Arau Campus
  • Nurul Syarafina Azizan Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perlis Branch, Arau Campus


Gamification, Cybercrime, Awareness, Phishing, Identity Theft


This paper discusses the design and development of an adventure game about cybercrime. This
game uses variety of multimedia elements including text, animation, image and 3D objects. The
theme of this game focuses on identity theft and phishing. Therefore, the purpose of the game
is to educate the learners about cybercrime and enhance their awareness towards online
activities that could victimized them. This would ensure that they take precautions of their
safety while using the Internet. In this research, agile method is used as the development
methodology. It includes five phases which are brainstorm, design, development, quality
assurance and deployment. The completed game was used as a treatment in a user testing
involving 26 students from UiTMCawangan Perlis from different ages, gender, course and
faculty. After treatment, subjects were administered with two instruments to measure their
perception of awareness towards cybercrime and their perception of fun for the game. It was
revealed that most subjects agreed that they had an increase in awareness after exposure to
the game. The game was also positively perceived as fun, with regards to its graphical and
instructional design, contents relevance with the theme and suitability of game duration. Some
recommendations for future enhancements are also discussed.


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